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Ino Yamanaka

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7/16/06 01:47 pm

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So far, this school year has not been very exciting, and I already feel as if I need a break from it. ~.~ Cheerleading practices haven't been nearly as exciting as I was hoping for; then again, it was only the first practice and, maybe, next time, more people will show up! Hopefully, then, it will be a lot more interesting. ♥

I wish there were a bit more for me to do around here, I'm very bored! Maybe I can find someone who wants to do something fun, like shopping, or getting out of this school.. something!

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7/9/06 07:35 pm

Summer was so wonderful! Daddy and I went to spend half the summer hopping from island to island, finally meeting with Mother in the caribbean for the last two weeks in our little island adventure. The Caribbean is where my mother takes her tri-mothly "Get away" from life, so it was nice seeing her again not that she remembers any of it, we had a great time! ♥

The rest of the time was spent at home, going shopping and just having a wonderful summer. ^-^ Though, Daddy and I had a rather serious talk about my efforts at school: He wants me to do a little bit better. Daddy says that if I can get a 3.5 grade point average throughout the year, he'll buy me a brand new, cute little sports car of my choice. So I guess I'll be doing all I can do make him happy!

I'm so not ready for this school year to start. At least I have all the privacy I could want within my own dorm, so I won't have to worry about potentially messy, ugly, smelly or stupid roommates. ^-^

6/13/06 09:06 pm

I know that there are finals and stuff coming up, but... I have never been so bored! There's absolutely nothing going on at school right now. ~.~

I want to go shopping! Maybe I'll sneak away some night this week and go. Pre-summer sales just can't wrap up without me! Looks like it'll have to wait until the school year's over. ~.~

5/29/06 01:53 am

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I ran into Itachi the other day. It was an.. interesting experience. ~.~;

Anyway.. Cheer practice is actually becoming productive and fun for the first time in a long time! TenTen has come up with a routine that is so hot, we're going to blow those silly girls from Karakura away!

So, even if you knowthink that Konoha is going to lose, come watch us anyway! It'll be worth every minute, in spite of what some others are saying! ♥

Oh, and I am so~ sorry about not being able to make it to the barbeque, Rin~sensei! Something came up and I just couldn't make it. I hope you're not angry~~! ♥♥♥

5/6/06 09:39 pm

The bake sale was okay I guess... I suppose I'm glad that some people have enough decency to take whatever they have to ask or say about me to my face, but really - some things just are no one's business! If I want to do something, I'm going to do it and everyone's going to have to deal with that fact. That said, if I want to leave Cheer practice 20 minutes early, then I'm going to leave cheer practice 20 minutes early. The girls will learn to deal with my absence. ♥

I'm also very sorry that I missed the chance to get Kabuto-sensei into the dunk-tank. =P

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